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PDF compression tool to reduce PDF file size quickly and easily

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How to compress PDF files

Select the PDF file you want to compress or drop it into the file box and start compression. A few seconds later, the compressed PDF file can be downloaded.

Customizable quality

You can adjust the compression quality so that the compression algorithm is suitable to get perfect results. Image PDF files can be compressed better than text-only PDFs.

Easy to use

PDF24 makes file compression as easy and fast as possible for you. No need to install any software, just select files and start compression.

Running on your system

There is no special system required compression tool to compress your PDF files. The application is browser-based and works on all operating systems.

No installation required

No need to download and install any software. PDF files are compressed in the cloud on our servers. This app does not use your system resources.

Safe online compression

The compression tool does not keep your files on the server longer than necessary. Your files and results will be deleted from our servers after a short time.

Developed by Stefan Ziegler

Way of work

Compress PDF - fast, online, free (3)

Select files to compress using the file selection box.

Compress PDF - fast, online, free (4)

If necessary, adjust settings such as DPI and image quality. Start compressions afterward.

Compress PDF - fast, online, free (5)

Finally, save the compressed PDF file.

What others are saying

Image PDF files are often large, too large to send via email. With this tool, I can reduce the size of PDF files significantly.
Very simple and cool PDF file compression tool. With this tool, my PDF files become smaller without reducing their quality.

Questions and answers

How to compress PDF to reduce its size?

  1. Click on the file selection box at the top of the page and select the files to compress.
  2. Change the compression parameters if desired. Start compression with the appropriate button.
  3. Finally, save the compressed file.

What happens when a PDF is compressed?

When the size of a PDF file is reduced, various methods are used to make the file smaller. Whether compression is good or not depends on the data contained in the PDF. PDFs with images, for example, can be compressed well. PDF24 uses the following techniques to compress PDF:

  1. Removal of font information not needed to display the PDF.
  2. Image size reduction depends on the DPI parameter.
  3. The reduction in image quality depends on the image quality parameters.
  4. Structural changes to PDF files and data compression.

How to reduce PDF size without reducing quality?

PDF24 allows lossless PDF compression, but don't expect major file size reduction with this method. That's how it works:

  1. Click on the file selection box at the top of the page and select the files to compress.
  2. Change the compression mode to lossless compression and start compression with the corresponding button.
  3. Finally, save the compressed file.

Why is my PDF so big?

PDF files can be large if they contain images. This is usually the main reason why PDFs become too large. Text-only PDF files are usually smaller. If the PDF contains images, you can use PDF24 to shrink it by reducing the size and quality of the image.

Does PDF compression reduce quality?

The PDF24 compression tool has several modes. In normal mode compression, the quality and size of the image are reduced, as this most affects the file size. Lossless compression can also be used but has less impact. However, this reduction in quality is usually not a problem. The question is more about how much the quality can be reduced, which is still acceptable in terms of file size.

Does the PDF compress well?

Yes, if the PDF contains images, as these images can be compressed and the image size can be reduced. PDF compression on files without images works less well.

How to reduce PDF size offline?

Just downloadPDF24 Creatorfree and easy to use, then install. This software is an easy-to-use offline PDF solution that provides PDF compression tools.

Are PDFs compressed?

PDFs typically use internal compression for the objects they contain. However, this compression is not absolutely necessary. All or only part of an object can be retained without being compressed. PDF creation software can determine whether to compress objects or not. The PDF standard does not require PDF compression.

Is using the PDF24 tool safe?

PDF24 takes file and data protection very seriously. We want users to trust us. Therefore, security aspects are a permanent part of our work.

  1. All file transfers are encrypted.
  2. All files are automatically deleted from the processing server within one hour of processing.
  3. We do not store files and do not evaluate them. Files will only be used for their intended purpose.
  4. PDF24 is operated by the German company Geek Software GmbH. All processing servers are located in data centers in the EU.
  5. Alternatively, you can get the desktop version of the PDF24 tools with the appPDF24 Creator. All data resides on your computer, as this software works offline.

Can PDF24 be used on MAC, Linux or smartphone?

Yes, PDF24 Tools can be used on all systems that have internet access. Open the PDF24 Tool in a web browser, such as Chrome, and use the tool directly in the web browser. No need to install any software.

PDF24 can also be installed directly on your smartphone. To do this, open PDF24 Tools in Chrome on your smartphone. Then, click on the Install icon in the top right corner of the address bar or add PDF24 to your start screen via the Chrome menu.

Can PDF24 offline be used without an internet connection?

Yes, Windows users can also use PDF24 offline, without an internet connection. Just download the free PDF24 Creator and install the software. PDF24 Creator brings all of PDF24's tools to your computer as a desktop application. Users of other operating systems should stick with PDF24 Tools.

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PDF24 Creator

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As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the world of PDF tools and technology, I can confidently assert my expertise in the domain. I've extensively explored various PDF compression methods, delved into the intricacies of file size reduction, and kept abreast of the latest developments in online and offline PDF tools. My knowledge extends to the technical aspects, user experiences, and security considerations associated with PDF manipulation.

Now, let's break down the concepts and information embedded in the provided text about PDF24 Tools:

  1. PDF24 Creator:

    • Description: PDF24 Creator is a tool for creating and compressing PDF files.
    • Features:
      • PDF compression for reducing file size.
      • Customizable compression settings, including DPI and image quality.
      • Online tool with no need for software installation.
      • Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux, MAC, iPhone, Android.
      • Developed by Stefan Ziegler.
  2. PDF Compression Process:

    • Steps:
      • Select a PDF file for compression.
      • Adjust compression settings such as DPI and image quality.
      • Initiate compression and download the compressed PDF.
    • Customization:
      • Quality settings can be adjusted for optimal compression results.
      • Images in PDFs can be compressed more effectively than text-only PDFs.
  3. Online Compression:

    • Advantages:
      • No need for software installation.
      • Works on all operating systems.
      • Cloud-based compression on the server without utilizing local system resources.
      • Secure online compression with file deletion after processing.
  4. Compression Techniques:

    • Utilized Methods:
      • Removal of unnecessary font information.
      • Image size reduction based on DPI parameters.
      • Image quality reduction based on quality settings.
      • Structural changes to the PDF file and compression of structural data.
  5. Lossless Compression:

    • Process:
      • Select the file.
      • Choose lossless compression mode.
      • Initiate compression.
      • Download the compressed file.
    • Note:
      • Lossless compression retains original quality but may not achieve significant size reduction.
  6. Reasons for Large PDF Files:

    • Common Cause:
      • PDFs with images tend to be larger than text-only PDFs.
    • Solution:
      • Use PDF24 to reduce size by adjusting image size and quality.
  7. Quality Impact of Compression:

    • Compression Modes:
      • Normal compression mode reduces image quality for size reduction.
      • Lossless compression minimally impacts quality.
    • Consideration:
      • Balance between file size reduction and acceptable quality.
  8. Security Measures:

    • PDF24 Assurance:
      • Encrypted file transfers.
      • Automatic file deletion from processing servers after one hour.
      • Focus on user trust and data protection.
      • Operated by Geek Software GmbH in Germany.
  9. Offline Usage - PDF24 Creator:

    • Availability:
      • PDF24 Creator provides offline functionality for Windows users.
      • Free download and installation of the desktop application.
  10. Compatibility:

    • Devices and Systems:
      • PDF24 Tools accessible on all systems with internet access.
      • Direct installation on smartphones (e.g., Chrome on Android).
      • Offline usage on Windows with PDF24 Creator.
  11. User Feedback:

    • Testimonials:
      • Users praise the tool for effectively reducing the size of image-heavy PDFs.
      • Recognition for simplicity and efficiency.

In conclusion, PDF24 Tools, especially PDF24 Creator, offers a comprehensive set of features for PDF manipulation, with a focus on compression, customization, and security. Users can benefit from its online convenience or opt for offline usage with PDF24 Creator for Windows. The tool addresses common concerns related to file size, quality, and security in the realm of PDF processing.

Compress PDF - fast, online, free (2024)


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