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Are you wondering about your leg workout routine? Exercising the lower body can boost testosterone levels in any individual and help maintain muscle as well as provide strength. And when planning your leg workout routine, you should consider your own fitness and health status.

Leg exercises such as squats, leg extensions, leg presses, leg curls, and calf raisesIt is recommended that you include them in your routine, but the order of exercises may vary depending on your personal preference. Beginners should perform slowly and with correct posture, while intermediate users may need to increase the weight or make some modifications.

Why is a leg exercise routine important?

Leg exercise routines can help you burn fat and build muscle in your lower body.Additionally, the more you exercise your legs consistently, the more you can immediately see changes in your appearance.

Beginners should do a leg exercise routine about once a week, and for intermediate level players or higher, twice a week is recommended. The intensity of the exercise may vary depending on the individual's physical strength and muscle mass, and caution must be exercised as there is a risk of injury if the weight is too heavy.

warm up

You should definitely add warm-up exercises to your leg workout routine. Warming up before exercise helps reduce muscle load and prevent injuries. You should also choose warm-up exercises that increase your heart rate and do enough stretching to relieve tense muscles.

leg press

The best leg exercise is the leg press.The leg press helps strengthen muscles such as your lower back core, thighs, calves, and glutes.

And the press press is good for balancing the body and strengthening the thighs. If you need a leg exercise to build lower body strength, the leg press is a good choice.

Typically, the leg press is performed by placing your feet in the center of the platform. However, as your feet are positioned higher than the center of the platform, leg exercises can become easier because your glutes can be stimulated more than your quads.


It's a good idea to add squats to your leg workout routine. That's because squats are one of the most popular leg exercises and help tone your lower body, which is the largest muscle in your body.(source)

And squats are good for strengthening not only your lower body muscles but also your back core.Additionally, squats are an exercise that beginners can safely do with their own body weight without exercise equipment.

For intermediate or higher level squats, it is recommended to increase the weight of the squat or vary it slightly to effectively exercise the legs. You can increase the weight using dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells to provide a stronger stimulus to your leg muscles.

However, you must be careful because squats can increase the risk of knee and ankle injuries if performed incorrectly. If you find it difficult to get into a squat position, you can check your posture in front of a mirror.

And while performing squats, it's a good idea to keep your body weight on your heels. Also, you need to be careful as there is a risk of injury if your knees go too far forward.

wide squat

Wide squats are a leg exercise that strengthens thigh muscles and helps create a healthy lower body.And wide squats are great for maintaining a strong lower body by including them in your leg exercise routine.

While performing wide squats, it is important to keep your legs wide apart and not close together. Also, the more you spread your legs, the more it helps to tense the muscles on the inside of your thighs, and you should perform leg exercises as slowly as possible. However, it is important to spread your legs as much as you can, and if you do it too hard, the risk of injury may increase.


The most popular leg exercise is lunges.Lunges develop your leg muscles evenly, and the more you do them consistently, the more helpful they are in maintaining correct posture.

And lunges are great to add to your leg exercise routine because they develop your back core so you can keep your upper body upright. Additionally, many women choose lunges as a weight loss exercise.

The reason is that the more you do lunges consistently, the more you remove fat from your thighs and achieve the effect of lifting your hips. The more you do lunges consistently, the more it helps burn fat in the lower body and is good for relieving stiff leg muscles for people who sit for long periods of time.

However, it is important to support your weight on your heels when performing lunges. And if the center of gravity is placed on the front of the foot, knee injuries may occur. Beginners may also find it difficult to get into a lunge position, so it is a good idea to check your posture in the mirror.

side lunge

Side lunges not only strengthen your leg muscles, but also have the advantage of burning thigh fat.And because side lunges have the effect of aerobic exercise, they are popular among many women as a weight loss exercise.

While performing side lunges, it is important to check for irritation in the muscles on the inside of your thighs. You need to strengthen your lower back core to prevent your upper body from leaning forward. Also, you must be careful if your knees go further than the front of your feet because there is a risk of knee injury.

cap phrase

You should choose calf raises as your leg exercise routine.Calf raises are an effective leg exercise for strengthening calf muscles that are difficult to develop.

And calf raises help strengthen weak ankles and prevent injuries that may occur in daily life. Calf raises are also used as a rehabilitation exercise and allow you to exercise your legs sufficiently in a short period of time in a narrow space.

Capraise has many advantages. Among them, it is effective in strengthening the ankles of women who wear high heels a lot, preventing leg swelling and preventing knee and ankle injuries.

single leg squat

A single leg squat is an application of the squat using only one leg using a chair or bench. And for single leg squats, it is important to support your weight with one leg and sit with the opposite leg straight.

You should also be as slow as possible while performing single leg squats and pause once you are parallel to the floor to feel the stimulation of your thigh muscles.

sumo deadlift

For sumo deadlifts, it is important to spread your legs further than for other deadlifts. And sumo deadlifts can provide more stimulation to the gluteus maximus, which helps train the hip and thigh muscles.

Sumo deadlifts also require your legs to be wider than your shoulders and your femurs and knee joints to be in the same position as your toes. It is important to be careful not to lean your upper body forward and keep your body as vertical as possible.

narrow squat

Narrow squats are a leg exercise that helps strengthen the muscles on the outside of your thighs.And with narrow squats, the narrower your legs are, the more you can stimulate the muscles outside the thighs.

However, because you perform leg exercises after narrowing the gap between your legs, it can put a lot of strain on your knees. Beginners are advised to perform narrow squats with proper posture, slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart.


Planning and performing a leg workout routine isn't difficult.Leg exercises have the advantage of targeting your quadriceps and calf muscles.

When doing leg exercises for the first time, it is important to start lightly using your own weight and increase the weight as you get used to the weight. And if you find it difficult to do leg exercises on your own, it may be a good idea to get advice from a trainer.

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As a fitness enthusiast with a passion for leg workouts, let me dive into the intricacies of the article dated October 22, 2022, discussing leg exercise routines in Korean (한국어). The article emphasizes the significance of leg workouts in enhancing testosterone levels, providing strength, and aiding muscle maintenance for individuals. The routines mentioned include squats (스쿼트), leg extensions (레그 익스텐션), leg press (레그 프레스), leg curls (레그 컬), and calf raises (카프레이즈).

The article highlights the importance of considering personal fitness levels and health when planning a leg workout routine. For beginners, slow and proper form is crucial, while intermediate and advanced individuals may need to adjust weights or incorporate variations.

Leg workout routines are praised for their ability to burn leg fat, build muscle, and provide visible results. The recommended frequency varies, suggesting beginners engage in leg workouts once a week, while intermediate and advanced individuals may benefit from twice a week sessions. Caution is advised against excessive weights to avoid injuries.

The importance of warm-up exercises before leg workouts is emphasized, as they reduce muscle strain and prevent injuries. Dynamic warm-up exercises and adequate stretching are recommended to prepare the body for the workout.

Key leg exercises are detailed:

  1. Leg Press (레그 프레스): Highlighted as an excellent leg exercise, targeting the core, thighs, calves, and glutes. Different foot placements on the platform can affect muscle engagement.

  2. Squats (스쿼트): Recognized as one of the most popular and effective leg exercises, engaging major muscles in the body, including the core. Squats are considered safe for beginners using body weight but can be intensified with weights.

  3. Wide Squats (와이드 스쿼트): Suggested for strengthening thigh muscles and maintaining strong lower limbs. Emphasizes the importance of gradually widening the stance and performing the exercise slowly to prevent injuries.

  4. Lunges (런지): Acknowledged as a popular leg exercise that evenly develops leg muscles, helps maintain proper posture, and aids in fat loss. Lunges are recommended for targeting thigh fat and achieving a lifted effect.

  5. Side Lunges (사이드 런지): Highlighted for strengthening leg muscles and aiding in fat loss. Proper form is stressed to avoid knee injuries, with attention to maintaining core strength.

  6. Calf Raises (카프레이즈): Praised as an effective exercise for strengthening challenging calf muscles, offering benefits for ankle stability, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

  7. Single Leg Squats (싱글 레그 스쿼트): Introduced as a variation using a chair or bench, requiring balance and engaging muscles more intensively.

The article concludes by emphasizing the accessibility of planning and executing leg workout routines, especially for achieving well-developed quadriceps and calf muscles. It encourages starting with body weight exercises and progressively increasing weights as familiarity and strength improve. For those finding leg workouts challenging alone, seeking advice from a trainer is recommended.

For more information on exercise, health, and fitness, the article suggests exploring additional topics such as equipment-free back exercises, beginner bodyweight workout routines, and achieving a toned physique with 11 ab exercises.

Here are 10 leg exercise routines in detail - My All Info (2024)


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