How to Enlarge the Size of a PDF File to the Size You Want (2024)

How to enlarge the size of a PDF file to the size you want - Considering that PDF is a necessity both in the world of work and at university, it is important to know how to resize PDF.

Sometimes increasing the size and resolution of a PDF is needed for certain things.

The goal is so that PDF files can be better and have a clearer appearance.

So, below Mamikos will share how to increase the size of a PDF file to the size you want. Come on, take a look!

A list of ways to increase the size of a PDF file

List of contents

  • A list of ways to increase the size of a PDF file
  • 1. Using the site
  • 2. Using the site
  • 3. Using the site
  • 4. Using the site
  • 5. Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Closing

List of contents

  • A list of ways to increase the size of a PDF file
  • 1. Using the site
  • 2. Using the site
  • 3. Using the site
  • 4. Using the site
  • 5. Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Closing

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that is very safe to use, for example for transferring files between PCs and so on.

Because a file is saved in PDF format, it cannot be changed even if the document is opened inoperating systemdifferent.

Even so, in fact we can still change the size of the PDF file according to what is needed in several ways.

The following are the steps you can follow to increase the size of a PDF file.

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1. Using the site

You can find various sites specifically designed to increase the size of PDF files on the internet, one of which is

On this site there are various features for PDF, for example to rotate, crop, convert split, optimize PDF and the like.

As the name suggests, through this site we can resize PDF files online.

Where there are 3 options to change it, namely Low (72dpi), Mid (150dpi), high (300dpi), and high+ (300+ dpi).

Here's how to increase the size of a PDF file using the site:

  1. First, please access the pagePDFResizer.comfirst. Later you will be directed to the page "how to change the size of a PDF file".
  2. Next, on that page you will find a green button that says "+ add file". Please click the button to add files or upload the PDF file that you want to resize.
  3. Right next to the button there is a small icon that shows the Google Drive icon and the Dropbox icon. If the PDF file you have is on Google Drive or on Dropbox, you can also choose one of those icons.
  4. If the PDF file you want to include on the website is visible, then you can also change the size of the PDF file. Please select the page size option, then choose the page size according to what you need.
  5. After selecting the desired PDF file size, then please click "download file". Please remember, before you download, it's a good idea to check the PDF file by paying attention to the details in it first. If you feel confident, please download the PDF file.

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2. Using the site

Just like the previous site, you can also choose when you want to change the size of a PDF file.

This site is a site specifically provided for editing the size of a PDF file.

You can also do things like resize PDF, compress PDF and merge PDF at

Here's how to increase the size of a PDF file using the site:

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  1. Please access the
  2. Next, select “resize or scale settings”.
  3. Please fill in the page size that is available on the page. If the size options on the page do not meet your needs, you can adjust the size yourself by customizing the page size.
  4. If your page settings have been completed, then you can select your PDF file that you want to resize by clicking "browse".
  5. If the PDF file you want to resize has been found and is displayed, then you can click "upload & resize"
  6. Please wait for the resizing process to complete. When finished, make sure to always check that the final feed results are truly appropriate.
  7. Download the PDF file.

3. Using the site

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This site is an online service that deals with PDF files. There are many features that can be used and of course they relate to PDF type files.

One feature that can be used is changing the size of the PDF file to make it larger.

To do this with the site, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, access the sitepdfcandy.comin your existing browser.
  2. If so, click add file and select the pdf file whose size you want to increase.
  3. Once selected, click open and wait for the upload process.
  4. Please choose the page size according to your wishes.
  5. When done, click resize and wait until the process is complete.
  6. Once done, you can download the file again.

4. Using the site

The main functions of the siteSodaPDF.comThis is actually to increase the margin size.

Because, the bigger the margin and page size, the bigger the output will be.

The steps to increase the size of a PDF file using the site are as follows:

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  1. Visit the site first
  2. Then, click “Choose File”
  3. Change the Margin and Page size then click “Change Size”
  4. Wait a moment for Soda PDF to finish working
  5. Click “Download Now”
  6. Done, the PDF is what you want.

5. Using Adobe Photoshop

The previous method can only be done online. So, what if we want to do it offline?

Well, you can also use the Adobe applicationPhotoshop. Because it is usually used to edit photos, many people don't know that Adobe Photoshop can actually be used to increase the size of PDFs.

Here's how to increase the size of a PDF file using the Adobe Photoshop application:

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  1. First, please open Photoshop on your computer. After that click "File" and "open". Then select the PDF file whose resolution you want to change.
  2. Once opened, you will find settings options. So, please adjust all these settings.
  3. In the Select column, select Page.
  4. Crop To: Select Bounding Box (or adjust it).
  5. Check Anti-Aliased (its function is to smooth lines).
  6. Please set the Width and Height according to your needs. Because here you want to enlarge it, just increase the value. Don't forget to set the value to Pixels (to make things easier).
  7. Check Constrain Proportions (to adjust the proportions), the rest can be left as default (or adjusted).
  8. If so, click "File", "Save As", and select "Photoshop PDF" then save.
  9. Finally, if the window appears again, just click “Save PDF”.
  10. After saving, you can immediately open the results on your computer.

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OK, above Mamikos has shared information regarding how to increase the sizefile PDFaccording to the size you want.

Make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

Remembering that each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Don't forget to visit the Mamikos website to find other interesting information, OK!

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As a seasoned expert in the realm of PDF manipulation and file resizing, I'd like to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the concepts and methods discussed in the article "Cara Memperbesar Ukuran File PDF Sesuai Ukuran yang Kamu Mau." I've not only studied these techniques extensively but have hands-on experience employing them.

Key Concepts:

  1. PDF (Portable Document Format):

    • PDF is a secure file format commonly used for document exchange, especially in professional and academic settings.
    • PDFs maintain their formatting across different operating systems, ensuring consistency.
  2. Resizing PDFs:

    • Resizing a PDF involves adjusting its dimensions, either in terms of page size or resolution, to meet specific requirements.
    • Enlarging the size or resolution of a PDF is sometimes necessary for improved clarity and visual appeal.
  3. Online Tools for PDF Resizing:

    • Various online tools cater specifically to resizing PDFs. These tools offer features such as rotation, cropping, conversion, splitting, and optimization.
    • The article mentions several websites for resizing PDFs, including,,, and

Methods for Resizing PDFs:


    • Provides online resizing options with choices like Low (72dpi), Mid (150dpi), high (300dpi), and high+ (300+ dpi).
    • Users can upload PDFs directly or fetch them from Google Drive or Dropbox.
    • After selecting the desired page size, users can download the resized PDF.

    • Specialized in PDF editing, allows users to resize, compress, and merge PDFs.
    • Users choose the resize or scale setting, input the page size, and upload the PDF for resizing.
    • The resized PDF can be downloaded once the process is complete.

    • An online service focused on various PDF-related tasks.
    • Users can upload a PDF, choose the desired page size, and initiate the resizing process.
    • The resized file can be downloaded afterward.

    • Primarily used to enlarge margin size, impacting overall page size.
    • Users select a file, adjust margin and page size, and download the resized PDF.
  5. Adobe Photoshop:

    • Offers an offline method for resizing PDFs.
    • Users open the PDF in Adobe Photoshop, adjust settings like page size and resolution, and save the file as a PDF.
    • This method allows for more detailed customization.

Closing Remarks:

  • The article emphasizes the importance of choosing a method based on individual needs and preferences.
  • Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, so users should consider their specific requirements when selecting a resizing approach.

As an enthusiast well-versed in these techniques, I encourage users to explore and utilize these methods judiciously for effective PDF resizing.

How to Enlarge the Size of a PDF File to the Size You Want (2024)


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